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- Jonghyun Lee
82 - 44 - 8626883

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Our company, DONHEB is located in Sejong City which is located in the heart of Metropolitan and Pyeongtaek, Cheonan area and Osong city.

We recommend that you consult your favorite accessibility and delivery.

Based on the experience of our employees, as well as to quickly and accurately understand the customers demand, We prepare to supply the products at the right time for that request.
We wish to be able to develop together through transactions with our company.
- Main products
1. Cleanroom Paper
2. Cleanroom Clothes :  One-piece, Two-piece, Bathrobes, Safari, Semi-gown, Hood attachment
3.  Gloves :  PVC gloves, LATEX gloves, antistatic gloves dots, carbon gloves, nitrile gloves, coated gloves, etc.
4. ESD products : sticky mat, dispense groups, aprons, Toshi, Dust booties, dust-proof vests (printing), dust bag, etc.

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